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Remains of the day

I’ve been very slack on the blogging front in the last couple of months. No time for writing. Or, more accurately, no time for thinking. Trying to find space and time to think about what to write has been the challenge this … Continue reading

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Stephen King – On Writing

In this case, actually the more globally famous Stephen King, rather than the one I normally find myself writing about. A book a number of people have recommended to me in the last year is Stephen King’s ‘memoir of the … Continue reading

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Some books aren’t for reading

Reading this year is going well. The latest book was Stephen J. Burn’s Infinite Jest: A Readers Guide. A slightly unusual choice, perhaps. It is, after all, a book about a book and therefore operates in some sort of generic inter-zone; … Continue reading

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We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

First book of 2015 is done and it was great: Karen Joy Fowler’s Booker nominated We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves Unlike other books, I don’t necessarily think it fair to do a post mortem here. It’s got it’s fair share … Continue reading

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John Self beat you to it: The Zone of Interest

It’s always a borderline depressing experience reading one of John Self’s reviews. His review of Martin Amis’ latest, The Zone of Interest is, as per usual, lovely. His reading is forensic, his analysis well balanced and insightful. To paraphrase/misappropriate what Zadie Smith … Continue reading

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To Save Everything, Click Here

“The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads….That sucks” Jeff Hammerbacher “We’re there. The future that visionaries imagined in the late 1990s of phones in our pockets and high-speed Internet in the air: … Continue reading

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Infinite Jest – Part 3

It was never my intention to write a series of posts about this book, but given it’s length and the fact I had things to say, it kind of just happened. About thirty minutes ago, after reading for the best … Continue reading

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