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Death of a Disco Dancer

I came across this amazing video the other day. It is very grainy, early video footage from a club night called Shaboo, recorded about 25 years ago in Blackpool in 1990. The DJ playing is Sasha. 25 years later he’s … Continue reading

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Head and Hand

Depending on what you’re reading, technological progress is either the best of the worst thing to happen to humans. Especially when thinking about computers, screens and the internet. There are stacks of books from Silicon Valley dudes proclaiming the unbelievable … Continue reading

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What The Stones Roses can teach us about the future of telly

I went to see Made of Stone this week. It’s brilliant, and despite not being a huge Stone Roses fan myself, it gave me real insight into the band, gave me a new appreciation for their music and their skills … Continue reading

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Thatcher, The Internet and Good and Bad History

No one has the right to spend their life without being offended Philip Pullman De Mortuis nil nisi bonum dicendum est [or, roughly, speak no ill of the dead] Chilon of Sparta Yesterday, one of the most influential British politicians … Continue reading

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