Do Wales 2016

And so, just like that, my trip to Do Wales is over.

Back to normality, my desk and to WiFi and 4G. I’m knackered. Physically and mentally. But slightly euphoric too, in the way that really arduous exercise leaves you feeling slightly euphoric.

Arriving on the site last Thursday morning feels like an age ago already. In temporal terms, it was only a heart-beat ago. In terms of the volume of stuff I’ve taken in, a lifetime.

Now I need to digest my notes and make sense of the physical and mental artifacts i’ve brought back with me. I’m hoping to get something written by the end of the weekend.

In the meantime, I’ve pinched this video off one of the lovely people i met during my stay in Cardigan. It’s a quick, visual summary of the event and the people who attended with me.


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