Death of a Disco Dancer

I came across this amazing video the other day. It is very grainy, early video footage from a club night called Shaboo, recorded about 25 years ago in Blackpool in 1990.

The DJ playing is Sasha. 25 years later he’s still around and remains one of the leading lights of the electronic music scene.

It’s a pretty incredible video. And not just because recordings of raves and club nights from this time are so rare. It’s incredible because it really cemented for me how shit iPhones and their kind have made things.

People are dancing. Really dancing. Totally inhibited – either naturally or as a result of the chemicals they’ve chosen to accompany their evening. Not only that, but the DJ isn’t the focus. People face every direction. They face each other. The music is what is driving them. Its what drives the connection between the people in the room and the room itself.Nothing like today. Nothing like the narcissistic need to be front and center. Not like the need to record everything you see so that you can share it online later, convincing your friends and yourself how fucking awesome a time you had.

Not like the fact we’ve never had so much to look at, but we barely see anything at all.

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