Words #4




  1. liable to ignite spontaneously on exposure to air. “several boranes are pyrophoric and toxic
  2. (of an alloy) emitting sparks when scratched or struck.

The hunt for new words is proving slightly un-fruitful. Finding them is one thing, remembering them another and actually using them a totally different beast altogether. 

Recording them on this blog not proving that useful perhaps – need to keep a note of them closer to the point of consumption, as it were. Considering keeping a small note book about my person with them noted down in. 

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2 Responses to Words #4

  1. iamamro says:

    A “commonplace book” or “day book” is ideal for this kind of thing. I use a Rhodia notebook (far superior to the ubiquitous Moleskine).

    Good for recording interesting words and quotations

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