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The ‘Unfallable Encyclicling’ of James Joyce

Written between the years 1914 and 1922, Ulysses is an encyclopaedia stored up against the possible destruction of Western civilisation by world war. It is designed, as Joyce explained, to contain “a picture” of Dublin so complete that if the … Continue reading

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Words #4

pyrophoric ˌpʌɪrə(ʊ)ˈfɒrɪk/ adjective liable to ignite spontaneously on exposure to air. “several boranes are pyrophoric and toxic (of an alloy) emitting sparks when scratched or struck. The hunt for new words is proving slightly un-fruitful. Finding them is one thing, remembering … Continue reading

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The genius of W1A

“Tasked with the task of re-conceptualising the world famous BBC brand to make it feel more like an app; Ideation architect, Barney Lumsdon; Trending Analyst, Coco Lomax and Viral Concept Designer, Carl Marx; have put their individual heads together. To see … Continue reading

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Head and Hand

Depending on what you’re reading, technological progress is either the best of the worst thing to happen to humans. Especially when thinking about computers, screens and the internet. There are stacks of books from Silicon Valley dudes proclaiming the unbelievable … Continue reading

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Playing catch up a bit with the book reports. Am through the second of the year, which was Jim Stengel’s Grow. It’s a book all about how businesses that use a ‘brand ideal’ or higher order purpose can out perform other … Continue reading

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Words #3 Ithyphallic

ithyphallic Line breaks: ithy|phal¦lic Pronunciation: /ˌɪθɪˈfalɪk / Definition of ithyphallic in English: ADJECTIVE (Especially of a statue or other representation of a deity) having an erect penis. It’s a good’un.

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postcard #1

First postcard of the year has been sent. Made me realise i need to work on my upper case game, too.

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