Abstractions #2: Arcade Fire

I was lucky enough to see Arcade Fire at Earl’s Court on Friday. It was an incredible show, the likes of which i’ve never seen in an arena before.

Having loved them since 2006 or something, when i was a youngster, seeing them live is always a pleasure. I found myself falling sideways alot for bands and musicians when I was that age. They spoke to me with a clarity and a direction which I discern all too rarely these days. The bands that I fell in love with then, are, by and large the bands I still love now. The ones who mean something to me. Being young and working shit out makes you rely on stuff that seems like it knows you.

4 albums in and they feel like they’ve grown with me. Talking about Family and loss in Funeral, the city and ‘non places‘ in The Suburbs and ultimately, in Reflecktor, media and our society’s screen obsession.



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