Why We Hate Google Glass — And All New Tech

Interesting article whose sentiment I’d normally agree with – though I think people’s fear and dislike for Glass stems not from the items novelty but the fact that it has wide reaching implications for personal privacy.

Like so much of the discourse around digital technology – sceptics are dismissed as myopic laggards rather than worthwhile voices around a subject…


I have a theory. When it comes to new technology, there are early adopters who start using it and everyone else sees the very worst in the technology: These people ultimately belittle, dismiss and make fun of those who use it. But in spite of this initial negative reaction, the technology eventually finds its way into the mainstream, and the early fears and misinformation fade away.

I first noticed this phenomenon at the turn of the century when Dean Kamen invented the Segway self-powered scooter. You may recall when it came out. People dismissed it as a gimmick. I remember having a debate in an email discussion group about it. I thought it was cool. Most people thought it was useless or silly.

And while the Segway never gained mass usage, it certainly found its niche in areas like city tours.

Today, we see a similar level of fear and…

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