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Why We Hate Google Glass — And All New Tech

Interesting article whose sentiment I’d normally agree with – though I think people’s fear and dislike for Glass stems not from the items novelty but the fact that it has wide reaching implications for personal privacy. Like so much of … Continue reading

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Fighting Fashionable Thinking

From a technical standpointI must admit to having a bit of a soft spot for Coca Cola and pressed for an answer I would probably say it’s my favourite brand. They a company that mastered the notion of focussing on … Continue reading

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Live and (sort of) direct from SXSWi

A couple of months back, The Economist published an article on freeports – areas of land, often near airports, that are used by the super rich to store assets such as ornaments, antiques, art and wine. The benefit of the … Continue reading

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Firestarters 11: Russell Davies and Delivery is the Strategy

Culture eats Strategy for breakfast Peter Drucker Last night was the eleventh instalment of the always wonderful Firestarters event, curated by Neil Perkin. Russell Davies took to the stage and discussed his work as Creative Director of the GDS – … Continue reading

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