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The Master and Margarita

2014 is coming along perhaps too slowly on the reading front. After what seems like far too long – about 3 weeks – I’ve finished The Master and Margarita. Sadly its not very often that I read a book that makes … Continue reading

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The Postcard Project

You sit at a desk twelve hours a day and you have nothing to show for it except some numbers that won’t exist or be remembered in a week. You’re leaving no evidence you lived. There’s no proof Dave Eggers, The … Continue reading

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Execution is everything

The Advertising industry is, at times, an industry which overly fetishises thinking. We’re obsessed by brains – by insight, by being smart, by killer insights,  by witticisms. By aphorisms, puns, alliteration, decks and documents. By strategy. Fuck, do we love … Continue reading

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