A bit late, but…

So, a new year…

The usual lists of resolutions, ambitions, aims and words of thanks have come and gone on social media. I got mine in a little early. Naughty.

To some extent we’re back to business as usual already. The hope and anticipation replaced partly by a steely determination to get on with things.

This morning on Radio 4 – PJ Harvey guest edited the Today programme – featuring Julian Assange and a somewhat startling piece on interrogation techniques deployed by the British forces in Iraq. Not everyone’s cup of tea, and about as far away from the Hootenanny and Barlow as you can get, only 2 days in.

I go back to work tomorrow, full of hope and excitement – the prerequisite, but potentially naive, hope that this is the year. 

It’s easy to be unsatisfied with what you have though – it’s somehow in our nature to always want more – more money, more holidays, more time, more stuff, more experience, more more more. Whilst I would never condone laziness, I applaud the person who knows how to settle. To enjoy, rather than pine for a constantly moving and undefined prize.

I should probably be thankful that in many ways last year was that year – a big, transformative, important, exhausting but ultimately rewarding year.

I was lucky enough to get married to a brilliant person who makes me smile every day.

With the help of my family and my new wife, I managed to buy a house.

I left a job and a company I loved dearly; saying goodbye to some of the nicest, brightest and most talented people I could ever have asked to call colleagues and friends; only to start a new adventure with some equally talented and lovely people. In some ways my decision was a brave one, and I didn’t know if it would be the right one. I’m still finding out what the answer to that is, but I’m having fun in the process.

So, as I sit here thinking about the year ahead and what I want to do; it might be worthwhile thinking about what I achieved last year. To be happy and appreciate it, not to belittle it by looking ahead so quickly… to be thankful.



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