The Psychopath Test

Once again, my all too familiar admission – an admission of negligence.

Neglecting this blog, it appears, is my favourite pastime.

Laziness, or at least deciding to not write, is always easier than that extra hour awake late on a week night after a long day at work to commit some half baked, half cocked and half developed idea or stream of consciousness to page.

But, when i’m not writing, I need to remind myself that the words committed here are not a waste of time That they contribute to my ability to feel comfortable expressing myself, comfortable shaping words the way I want them on the page, not leaving them stuck in my head like some sort of literary constipation…. 

My reading has also suffered of late. I’ve started a number of books; Morrissey’s altogether too flowery Autobiography, a couple of books from my Daunt subscription, Ben Goldacre’s Bad Pharma and another couple that slip my mind – but have been unable to get into them in any real way. 

John Higgs amazing tale of cosmic synchronicity and a band who operated at the faultlines of a generation – The KLF: Chaos, Magic and The Band Who Burned a Million Pounds – was an amazing story which captivated me enough that I actually managed to finish it. 

Jon Ronson’s Psychopath Test I also enjoyed. 

He reminds me of Louis Theroux – seemingly naive, either totally brave or totally stupid. His account of a meeting with Noel Edmonds, which appears in another of his books, is one of the funniest things you’ll read.

The Psychopath Test does what all good books should – it makes you question the way you think about and lead your life – certainly how you judge others, how you approach problems and situations, and most importantly how you approach other people.





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One Response to The Psychopath Test

  1. iamamro says:

    Which book is the Louis Theroux meeting with Noel Edmonds?

    I can’t stand Goldacre. Purely personal animus, I’m sure the book is wonderful (I doubt it).

    Always good to read your posts. Come back soon!

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