Life is too short

It pains me, but i’ve given up on Gravity’s Rainbow for the second time in 6 years.

Life, it feels, is probably too short to spend my time trudging through a dense book that only very occasionally gives me any real pleasure.

Giving up on a book feels wrong; the challenging nature of the work should, it feels, be something to relish rather than rail against. Sometimes though, it feels right to put the source of your trouble down and admit defeat.

After the three month slog through Infinite Jest, it  felt like maybe next year should be the year for another epic rather than this. I’d been flirting with other books during the dying days of my tryst with Pynchon – rattling through Stephen Emmott’s 10 Billion and a couple more sections of Jon Ronson’s infinitely snackable Lost at Sea – so a breakup was perhaps inevitable.

Onto Jennifer Egan’s A Visit from the Goon Squad, the latest book to be sent to me as part of a fantastic book subscription with Daunts this year. Only 25 pages in, already feeling a huge weight – both actually and metaphorically – lifted from my book bag and as a result my shoulders, too.

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